15 - 16 March 2022, Banking Hall, EC3


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Floral Street Scent School

Floral Street Scentschool Experience 

Tuesday 15th March, 5.30pm

Wednesday 16th March, 11am

(Duration 30 mins)

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a perfume connoisseur – and let’s face it, who hasn’t – then this workshop is for you. Join Floral Street, the independent, clean British fragrance brand ‘powered by flowers’ for an interactive journey of scent discovery. Experience their award-winning, vegan perfumes and learn about their responsibly sourced ingredients, sustainable story telling and fun fragrance facts. Their expert Floralista will guide you to realising your favourite scents!

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Making Workshop with Leafage

6pm, Tuesday 15th March

10am, Wednesday 16th March 

(Duration: 30 mins)

Get creative and enhance your wellbeing in this hands-on terrarium workshop by Leafage.  Come away with your very own miniature garden (perfect for urban dwellers) and a whole toolbox of reusable skills.  Gardening has been proven to help relieve stress, increase productivity and even boost your immune system… it’s one not to be missed.


Toast Ale

Socially Conscious Beer Tasting with Toast Ale

6.30pm, Tuesday 15th March

3pm, Wednesday 16th March 

(Duration 30 mins)

Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change, and a huge part of that is food waste. Toast Ale are here to change that and are helping to end food waste one beer at a time with their planet-saving beer, brewed with surplus bread.

Unleash your environmentally conscious inner brewer by joining this unique beer tasting workshop and as they say you’ll, ‘Raise a Toast! (and) Save The World!’


The School of Creative Cocktails with Gastronomy Guys

7.30pm, Tuesday 15th March

1:30pm, Wednesday 16th March 

(Duration 45 mins)

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to make a great tasting cocktail and how to truly add some bling to your drink. From adding Mattise like detail with edible paints, to making your own flavoured, everlasting foam or creating burst in your mouth vapour bubbles, , Gastronomy Guys are here to add some theatre to your cocktail.
And once you’ve mastered the way of the bartender…we’ll put your skills to the test, facing off against your peers to produce the ultimate instagramable cocktail…that obviously tastes insane!

Cocktail Masterclass with The Little Surprises Company

7pm, Tuesday 15th March 

(Duration 30 mins)

Put your mixologist skills to the test and join The Little Surprises Company for this hand-on cocktail masterclass where you will learn to make a delicious Apple Collins and a White Lady. Non-alcoholic versions are also available!