21 - 22 January 2020, Banking Hall, EC3



Lady Skye isn’t your average Donkey, she is the face of the London Summer Event Show. With an over-the-top love of all things Summer, she’s the first one to sport a bikini and flip flops at the first glimpse of the sun: a true typical British tourist.

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What do you love about the Show?
Oh, where do I even begin? It’s just my favourite time of the year. I get to spend time with my favourite people whilst sipping on some very fruity *hiccup* drinks. I also just love that I can experience summer twice a year rather than once like everyone else!

What do you eat when you’re not grazing in the field?
I do love a green and healthy smoothie which keeps my energy levels high but I am also very naughty when it comes to snacking. I just adore ice cream and sticks of rock! Mmmm.

Who is your favourite member of the show team?
What a cheeky question! Oh now I couldn’t possibly answer that… well I do like… no, I refuse to tell you! I don’t have favourites, I love them all.

Why have you chosen London to host your show?
I just simply adore the capital – it is simply beautiful and has so many lovely summer and outdoor spaces for events. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful venues and suppliers whom can make your summer soirée perfect.

Can your guests come and meet you at the show?
Of course they can! I embrace the opportunity to have a “selfie” with all my chums, come find me at the event, I’d love you to stop by and say hello – and if you want to bring me an ice cream, I will be your best friend for life.

Why should people come to the London Summer Event Show?
Oh so many reasons! As a visitor of my show, you will get to try lots of free food and drink, meet over 100 summer event venues and suppliers and learn lots in seminar sessions picked by yours truly. Plus, you get to hang out with me! How fabulous, darling. This years theme is ‘Summer Weather’…I can’t wait to see Banking Hall transformed into this fun theme.