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London Summer Event Show Floor

Dedicated to creating a more sustainable Show!

This year at the London Summer Event Show, we have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure sustainability is at the heart of the Show. We have done this by implementing measures to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure we are making improvements year-on-year.

For 2024, we utilised TRACE by Isla to measure our carbon emissions throughout every stage of the planning process. This platform helped us to gauge the carbon footprint of the event, which is the equivalent of 13.6 cars on the road for one year, and also helped us to understand the key areas this can be reduced for future Shows.

A few initiatives that are already well underway:

  • Our materials are being reused and repurposed, with fabric graphics donated to local schools and exhibition stands retained for future use.
  • All event signage is all made from recyclable materials like cardboard and DISPA.
  • We’ve created a Digital Show Guide for visitors and online function for exhibitors to upload digital content, removing the need for printed collateral.

We will continue to work closely with our wonderful suppliers to ensure that further reductions are made in every area, including reducing our food waste, offering a more plant-based heavy menu, creating more non-branded reusable signage for use across our event portfolio, to name a few.

Whilst we are dedicated to making every effort to reduce our footprint, there are of course unavoidable emissions from every event. To offset these emissions, the London Summer Event Show partnered with B1G1 to make meaningful impacts worldwide, including planting 468 trees globally, rescuing 52kg of food in Singapore and providing 26 months of access to solar light to communities in India.

By attending our Shows, you are also making a global impact with £1 donated for each visitor through the doors, furthering the event’s sustainability mission.

The London Summer Event Show is dedicated to setting a new standard for sustainable event planning, showcasing how eco-conscious practices can create memorable experiences while preserving the planet’s future.