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Noba Launch their Virtual Event Pod

Our dedicated WiFi sponsors, Noba Event WiFi, part of The MetaTech Group, have recently launched Virtual Event Pod, in response to a rising demand for a virtual exhibition solution that is more than just a company shop window.

The VEP is a fully customisable virtual solution designed for exhibitors that are unable to send a full team to the physical event. Through the use of an iPad, exhibitors can engage and interact with visitors remotely via a live video call, by simply scanning a QR code from a phone or visitor badge.


Nick Taylor, Noba MD explains the thought process behind the design:

“The Covid era has changed our industry approach to live events, but over a year into the mass migration to virtual and hybrid event solutions, and clients were still telling us that it’s a challenge to find a virtual exhibition product that ticks all the boxes for both exhibitor and attendee. So, we developed the VEP.

The VEP addresses the ongoing Covid challenges of employee travel, along with supporting the move towards a long term sustainable event strategy for businesses. The addition of a virtual element to a company events calendar will help promote a lower carbon footprint for brands, along with reducing marketing costs. It’s a win win!”


The VEP is one of several additions to Noba’s products and services, designed in response to the

pandemic and the subsequent evolution of the working culture.


Take a look at the launch video here.


For more information on Noba’s services, visit: https://noba.co.uk