21 - 22 February 2023, Oceandiva London
London Summer Event Show Floor
Pan 'n' Ice Ice cream Revels in Hand

NEW Experiential Room added to London Summer Event Show

The next London Summer Event Show (15 – 16 March 2022) will not only bring together a host of NEW exhibitors and NEW content but also a whole NEW dedicated experiential event supplier room…

Located in the UNITY room and known as the ‘Interactive Zone’ it’s going to be filled with innovative and immersive event suppliers. It will be an exciting, creative space where you can meet the likes of the Live Event Artist, Gastronomy Guys, Pan ‘n’ Ice, Revels in Hand to name just a few. To meet these event suppliers and many more, register for your free ticket today.



MEET creative event suppliers including the Live Event Artist, Lucy McLoughlin, who creates unforgettable experiences and artwork that people will treasure forever. You can see her in action and witness close up, her incredible skill and artistic talent.

You will also get the chance to have your silhouette carved out to keep by the Roving Artist, Charles Burns; with his infectious enthusiasm and his trademark surgical scissors in hand, he cuts the most magnificent silhouettes and is famous for the speed and accuracy of his portraits.

TASTE the mouth-watering, traditional Portuguese flavours of a Pasteis de Nata and meet the talented team behind the creations at Maria Nata.

Next you can head over to see one of this years #StoryGivesBack winners, Gastronomy Guys, who will take you on an edible adventure never to be forgotten.

Indulge yourself even further by paying a visit to the cool Pan-N-Ice stand and treat yourself to all the scrumptious rolled ice-cream you can handle.

EXPERIENCE new and exciting games, workshops and team-building activities. Meet the team behind the brand new centrally located venue Clays and try your hand at their interactive, virtual-reality, clay shooting pop-up.

Or, you could discover the world of team-building games with Digi-Sports and test your skills on their competitive sports wall.

Still need more inspiration? Why not sign up for one of our creative and informative workshops.

All this and so much more to discover at the next London Summer Event Show. Make sure you don’t miss out by registering for your free ticket today!