22 - 23 January 2019, Banking Hall, EC3
Banking Hall, London Summer Event Show
Show Theme, London Summer Event Show, Heatwave

The ‘Heatwave’ is Coming to Banking Hall!

With summer coming to an end, we’re pretty certain the Christmas celebrations will come around quicker than ever, which means… Our 2019 edition of the London Summer Event Show is on the horizon!

We thought therefore that it’s about time we let you into a little secret… our 2019 Show Theme! After an incredibly hot summer, we’re proud to present ‘Heatwave’ as our theme for the London Summer Event Show 2019!

The main space at Banking Hall will become ‘The Sizzle Room’ and undergo a scorching transformation, with a sunset colour scheme throughout. With scorching reds, blazing oranges and sunburnt yellows, we will transport you back to our heatwave summer with one fell swoop!

You’ll begin to see the effects of the sizzling sun in ‘The Thaw Room,’ to remind you of melting ice-cream that you just can’t lick fast enough and the cool blue water you swim in on that sweltering summer day. If you fancy taking part in an interactive workshop, simply exploring our venues and suppliers or grabbing some tasty treats on offer from Camm and Hooper, we’ll have it all in ‘The Thaw Room’. But don’t forget about those melting ice caps and Lady Skye’s friends at the North pole…

With that in mind, we know that global warming is becoming a real problem and that event organisers are wanting to eco-proof their event. Our final space, ‘The Haven’ will have a sustainability focus with tropical greenery and more importantly our wonderful #StoryGivesBack winners! Don’t forget to pop into our seminar room when you visit, as there’s lots of exciting talks that are not to be missed!

The London Summer Event Show 2019 ‘Heatwave’ will be coming to Banking Hall on Tuesday 22nd (Agents Evening) and Wednesday 23rd January (Corporate Buyers Day), so don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled as it won’t be long before you can register for your FREE ticket to attend the event of the year!